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About ABOUT ME Once upon a time in a country called Yugoslavia a boy was born and was given a name Zlatko. Yep, that's me. I spent my childhood in my hometown of Zenica already performing in school plays and improvised shows for camera present at the family celebrations. During summer I would stay with my grandma in the Bosnian countryside or by the Mediterranean sea. Then the civil war came and I moved with my family to Prague, where I eventually stepped on the theatre stage and in front of a real film camera for the first time. Since then I've been walking the path of acting and performing, using my multicultural background as a source of inspiration. Acting for me is not only about exploring, developing and giving life to my characters, but also about learning new things about myself and exploring my own identity. Zlatko (pronounced [zlâtko]) is a South Slavic masculine given name. The name is derived from the word zlato meaning gold.


GM Production Talent Agency
Agent: Tina Milevčić
+385 91 523 74 79
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