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Playing parts,
exploring identity
through film,
theatre and music.

About ZLATKO Born in former Yugoslavia, now based between Prague and Berlin, where he works as an actor. In 2019 he successfully premiered his one man show "Where my identity is?" and appeared in several international productions including German film Golden Twenties or ABC's Whiskey Cavalier. In 2018 he was selected to participate in the acting studio of Talents Sarajevo.

Coming from multicultural background he likes to explore topic of one's identity, most recently in the song and music video "L'Étranger" that was realesed in September 2020.

Speaks English, Czech, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and has basics of French and German.
About Zlatko (pronounced [zlâtko]) is a South Slavic masculine given name. The name is derived from the word zlato meaning gold.


L’Étranger Music Video Is Out

L’Étranger music video is out

One year after premiere of "Where my identity is?" Zlatko is releasing "L'Étranger" a song about identity that is also…

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Where My Identity Is Opens 25.9.2019

Where My Identity Is opens 25.9.2019

The Czech-Balkan one-man show  inspired by life and powered by coffee. Balkan, Bosnia, Europe, Czechia. My identity is kind of held…

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Unattended Short Film Premiere

Unattended short film premiere

My first producing baby is out - check out Unattended, a short fashion film that we shot in London last summer…

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